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Partial Payment for Tatsu
Partial payment for Tatsunoko 8D
Digital Semi-Painting
Raze (Shinji Remake) by NatsumeHirai
Peekaboo by NatsumeHirai
Done digitally in a painting style. Single/random if no specific background is given.
Per Additional Character
Come On, Xenon~ by NatsumeHirai
Suikoden - Tir and Riou by NatsumeHirai
Only applies to 3+ characters.
Normal Digital
PCommission - SNESxGenesis 2 by NatsumeHirai
Birthday Gift - Youko by NatsumeHirai
Point Commission - SyaoranxSakura by NatsumeHirai
Single and couple are one price. Transparent or simple background is default if no background is mentioned.
Chibi Digital
Saber For Shadow by NatsumeHirai
Karoku Arumerita by NatsumeHirai
Shark Gijinka by NatsumeHirai
Single and couple are one price. Transparent or simple background is default if no background is mentioned.
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Because the badge looks neat

Omg wow it's going to be 5 years of being a deviant this year. I've actually known the existence of this site before but I never really bothered to make one until my bff KirariRinkan had me into making one. I was actually really new to digital art, HAHAH my first art program was MS Paint. I'm such a loser. :'D My art from scratch was shit. Horrible shit. Minako Hyuga by NatsumeHiraiWhat Should I Give to Elesis? by NatsumeHirai

Minako and Her Dog by NatsumeHirai


My art looked pretty bad on my early days of dA but hey, everyone starts like this right? I used to like... post a drawing. Every. Day.

But yeah, I used to rely HEAVILY on bases back in the days. I stopped using bases when I first used this program called Photoshop CS3.
Chibi Natsume by NatsumeHiraiRonan's Driving Skill by NatsumeHirai

Lass's Driving Skill by NatsumeHirai

Sieghart's Driving Skill by NatsumeHirai

Nooo JIN Dx by NatsumeHirai

HAHAH I REMEMBER THE DRIVING BASE WHERE I'D DRAW ALL THE GUYS FROM LASS-SIEG (except Ryan, I was not much of a fan of him. Also that orange hair person was the old Natsu... back when he was identified as my Persona and as a GIRL). Aaah yeah, that was awesome.

Ironically, my first non-Paint work was from SAI. 
First Try by NatsumeHirai

Okay well... I lined it on Paint then colored on SAI. Ahahah...

But yeah, my life changed when I met these wonderful people on deviantART. Hell, I used to dislike criticism because I'm a bit defensive. xD; Buuut now, I accept them and I managed to improve more and more. If I had never found this site, I would not know what to do in my life.

Progress over the years:

Dragon by NatsumeHirai


Ambushed? by NatsumeHirai

Yuuya Kizami Wallpaper by NatsumeHirai

Grand Chase - Advancer by NatsumeHirai

Peekaboo by NatsumeHirai


 [Contest Entry] Kano and Izaya by KirariRinkanKirariRinkan YOUKO IS AN AMAZING KAWAII DESU ARTIST~ We've known each other since 7th Grade and we were classmates for only one year. Just one year and BAM insta BFFs~ we managed to keep in touch through Gaia Online for a looooong time and had a great reunion at around 2012 like a week or two after coming back home to the US after being in the Philippines for 6 years. Romano (Cries) [V4]  DID YOU KNOW WE FANIGIRL OVER EVERYTHING? I'M NOT KIDDING

The Boredom of Suzume and Oxnard - 1 by ShadowEXE999

The deal with Rufus's hair by ShadowEXE999

I don't know which I love more okay? So I just get two~ <3 ANYWAYS, now we have ShadowEXE999. THIS GUY. THIS AMAZING GUY THAT CAME INTO MY LIFE. Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] You wanna know how? YOUKO. I was like, looking around Youko's watchers and then I found this guy. I commented on one of his doodles and then we became instant friends. We then started talking through FB and RPed every single day. xD We eventually stopped and actually try to get to know each other, theeen we argued. A lot. We fought so much, we almost separated a few times. Despite after all these arguments we still manage to make it up, guess what happened next? If you guessed this guy is "the one" I mentioned that I do not wish to disclose then YOU ARE CORRECT. This guy is my waifu now my boyfriend~ :iconblushuplz: I wanna meet him so baaaaaad Neko Emoji-14 (Cry) [V1] 

Shoutouts to the rest of my awesome friends as well! I wish I could list you all but there's so many aaah! So here's my thanks to all of you for being beautiful people~ Racing Girl Emoji (Running Cry) [V2] 

To be honest, this has been bothering me since last year... I'm slowly beginning to grow out of the handle "Natsume Hirai". It sounds kind of... "eh" now that I look at it. Most of you are likely going to say, "NO, KEEP IT" well yeah. I actually wish I could but, what's been bothering me about it is the lack of originality in the name. ;n; I was in my super otaku geek freak stage. Hell, I've see a LOT of Natsu and Natsume around and I'm like... -sobs-. True it's difficult coming up with an original name. But another side of me wishes to keep it mainly because a lot of people recognize me with that name. I'm extremely indecisive and my way of thinking is way beyond extraordinary. xD If you are going to ask if I intend to move accounts, then the answer is "probably not". There are instances that I would but, I decide against it. I am extremely indecisive and my imagination is beyond extraordinary.

HAHAH... I'm not kidding. :l

I hope to see more people do this!


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Anime/Manga artist|Future Manga-ka|Music Hobbyist (Piano and vocal)|Fujoshi|MMO and RPG gamer

I'm normally shy among strangers. But I'll open up eventually once I get comfortable with you. ^^ I apologize for my inconsistent artstyles. :iconyuicryplz:

MY LIST OF NICKNAMES: Natsu, Nats, Orenji/Orange, Wolfy, Pillow-chan, Suika, Nat, Gnat, Nacchan etc.



Current fandoms:
Kagerou Project Stamp by Lumi-BellStamp: Konoha - Kagerou Project by MikuFregapaneSailor Moon: Crystal by LinaLeeLsailor moon stamp by cottonballSailor Jupiter Stamp by Dinosaur-RyuzakoSailor Saturn Stamp by Dinosaur-RyuzakoElsword Stamp by DeathByDarknessAdd Stamp by SimlishBaconSword Knight-Lord Knight Stamp by DeathByDarknessSword Taker-Blade Master Stamp by DeathByDarknessZero Stamp by Lavii-samaRonan Stamp by Lavii-samaSieghart Stamp by Lavii-samaHataraku Maou-sama Stamp by KisshuandEnvyUrushihara Stamp by 27Sasayayaki-kunStamp Shingeki no Kyojin by AtsuKiroEren stamp by SuperpluplushFire Emblem Awakening Stamp by Masked-GamerChrom Stamp by AdraowenHenry Stamp by AdraowenMorgan Stamp by AdraowenBlazBlue Stamp by tenjin-kaiNoel Vermillion Stamp 2 by taokyakyaBlazBlue - Ragna Stamp by tenjin-kai[STAMP] BlazBlue : Jin Kisaragi by uberxtechnicNu-13 stamp by ShortifiedMu-12 Stamp by taokyakyaLambda-11 Stamp by taokyakyacorpse party stamp by SezukieCorpse Party - Yuuya Kizami Stamp by NekoHimeChamaSuikoden Stamp by Bahamut50Suikoden II Stamp by Bahamut50Let Riou do the Work Stamp by finalverdictSuikoden :: Caesar Stamp by vikifanaticMakr2 by Edge-0fHeaven

Thank you for visiting my page!

Konoha <333

IT HURTS ;;;;;

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